Supriya Krishnan
Ph.D. Researcher
Urban Planning and Climate Resilience


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I am a final year doctoral researcher at the Resilience Lab at the TU Delft. The Netherlands. My work is focused on theories and methods for long-term urban planning under climate uncertainty. Previously, I worked on knowledge-building, policy-making, and advocacy for infrastructure resilience, disaster risk reduction, and planning with UNDRR, National Disaster Management Authority, and the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy India. I am a guest lecturer at TU Delft. I have been a visiting faculty of architecture at Mumbai University.  

︎Research Methods:
I use a mix of spatial planning, land-use simulations, design thinking, model-based decision-making, and stakeholder consultations to advance understanding of formal planning processes under climate change. My specific interests lie in bridging the Global North and Global South knowledge divide.

I divide my time between Rotterdam (Netherlands), Providence (USA), and Mumbai (India).

Urban Resilience | Uncertainty Planning | Design thinking | Advocacy | Policy Analysis

︎Nov 2022: Story of Science at TU Delft: The Future Ground: Planning Cities for an Uncertain Future.”

︎Nov 2022: Article in Scroll: With overcrowding, weather and age, curbing bridge collapses in India is complex but not impossible.”
︎Oct 2022: Preprint: “Bouncing Forward: Long-Term Urban Planning Under Climate Uncertainty.  Available at SSRN 4106195. ”
︎Oct 2022: Presented at the DRI Technical Conference, New Delhi.
︎Aug 2022: Presentation at ESREL 2022 on An integrated framework for incorporating climate risk into urban land-use change modeling“.
︎Jun 2022:Organised a training event at World Urban Forum: “Resilience for All”
︎Jan 2022: Selected for the C40 Cities Women4Climate program Mumbai.
︎ Dec 2021: Book chapter on
“Planning Support Systems for Long-Term Climate Resilience: A Critical Review.“