2018 and 2019
International Workshop on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (IWDRI)
Programme Coordinator
IWDRI is an annual intercountry meeting held to build the technical agenda of the global Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI). CDRI is a partnership of national governments, UN agencies and programmes, multilateral development banks and financing mechanisms, the private sector, and knowledge institutions that aims to promote the resilience of new and existing infrastructure systems to climate and disaster risks, thereby ensuring sustainable development. I was incharge of managing the overall technical programme and content for both meetings in addition to coordination with partners including national governments, UN agencies, multilateral development banks and private organisations.

Thematic areas
Risk Identification & Estimation
Resilience Standards & Certification
Recovery and reconstruction
Governance & Policy
Innovation & Emerging Technology
Capacity Development

Exhibition leaders: Government of India and UNDRR | Website | Twitter

Adaptation by Design

Organising team and exhibitor

Exhibition and Seminar showing and reflecting on a synthesis of Delta Urbanism Research Programme 2016-2017 focusing on the topic ‘Adaptation by Design’ in San Francisco Bay, California.

Delta Interventions Studio 2016-2017 topic was a precursor to the design competition launched in May 2017 San Francisco Bay Area, Resilience by Design by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), California Coastal Conservancy (CCC), San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI), San Francisco Bay Area Urban Planning and Research Association (SPUR), City of San Francisco Planning Department and the Resiliency Offices of the Cities of San Francisco and Oakland. Inspired by ‘New York’s Rebuild by Design’ the design competition aims at addressing challenges affecting the resiliency of San Francisco Bay Area neighbourhoods, environment, and infrastructure in an era of climate uncertainty. In collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design, Delta Interventions Studio focused on innovative projects to increase Bay Area’s adaptive capacity and local area performance in response to future uncertainty in climate and urbanisation patterns.

Research Themes
System Thinking – Working with Layers, Times and Scales
Landscape Dynamics, Narratives and Values
Urban Morphology, Performance and Affordances
Landscape Infrastructure Design (Building with Nature – Green/Blue Infrastructures)
Adaptation Pathways
Cultural Heritage and Adaptive Reuse

Exhibition leaders: Han Meyer, Taneha Bacchin | Website

Challenges in Flooding
Exhibition Design and researcher
Both the Netherlands and Japan are threatened by coastal flooding, fluvial and pluvial looding need to be considered in urban engineering, landscape architecture and urban design.

For the Netherlands, this is a very prominent threat as large parts of the country are below sea level and the precipitation patterns change in such a way that the pluvial flooding occurs more often. In Japan, most of the population centers (e.g. Tokyo, Osaka) are in coastal areas that are threatened by risks of coastal storms, typhoons and tsunamis, moreover, they suffer from earthquakes. In the future, the coastal flood risks and pluvial and fluvial flood damage are expected to increase due to increased urbanisation, economic growth, changing precipitation patterns and sea level rise. In recent decades’ new scientific concepts for assessing and managing risks have been developed, but many questions remain and policy implementation of new concepts is often lacking.

The aim of the workshop was to research and evaluate the existing infrastructure in the urban floodplain in Edogawa ward, Tokyo by using the research method of “Research by Design”, and compare it to the existing condition in Rotterdam. The participants of the workshop were students of urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, sustainable design, hydraulic engineering from 7 different nationalities. The exhibition “Challenges in Flooding Study of Multi-Disciplinary International Design”presents this result of the 3 day workshop to hold a place for a discussion about interdisciplinary design process and also the future collaboration
between the Netherlands and Japan, and engineers and designers to face the challenges in flooding.

Research Themes
Urban Flooding
Vital subsurface infrastructure
System Thinking – Working with Layers, Times and Scales
Landscape Infrastructure Design (Building with Nature – Green/Blue Infrastructures)

Exhibition Team: Supriya Krishnan, Bill Lin, Maayan Daniel, Johannes Simanjuntak, Ayano Yamaguchi, Daiki Mabuchi, Manami Hasegawa  | Mentors: F.L. Hooimeijer, Yuka Yoshida, Jeremy Bricker, Ono Akihiko